femmes russes belles

Ce n'est pas un secret, et presque tous les hommes de l'Ouest sait, ce que la rencontre sur Internet est escroquer. Si vous avez été chanceux de ne pas en faire l'expérience, vous avez probablement entendu parler de vos compagnons ou lire en ligne des histoires. Rencontres scamming est l'un des pires formes de criminalité, qui cruellement "joue" avec les sentiments des hommes et des émotions. Si un étranger est impliqué dans ce jeu étant pas au courant de la façon dont ce processus fonctionne, il va certainement se retrouver avec un cœur brisé et le portefeuille vide. À la poursuite de lucre, les criminels ne se font arrêter par les sentiments des hommes mal - la tristesse, la douleur, la déception est le "happy end" pour les fraudeurs et non pour les hommes étrangers, qui tentent de trouver leur âme soeur parmi les femmes slaves. Les criminels jeté une ombre sur tous les sites de rencontres, d'accroître le scepticisme de l'homme occidental.
Ils ont fait tout pour ruiner la réputation d'honnête sites de rencontre et de rendre les hommes occidentaux pensent que ce stéréotype sans condition: «Les femmes russes = SCAM". C'est une situation très triste de ne pas seulement pour la ligne des sites de rencontre, qui tiennent à leur bon état et les entreprises, mais aussi pour les femmes russes, qui sont traités sans respect et avec défiance imméritée. Avec cette tendance négative honnête et réel des femmes russes obtenir moins de chances de rencontrer le sort qu'ils recherchent. Malheureusement, les criminels extrêmement préjudiciable pour le secteur russe de rencontres. scamming Rencontres est devenue une affaire populaire en Russie et largement utilisé sur les sites russes datant.
Aujourd'hui, ce processus est hors de contrôle. Vous pourriez vous demander, "Où puis-je trouver un" pur "site de rencontres? Lequel est sans escrocs?" A votre grande surprise, la réponse sera unconsoling, parce que les escrocs visiter chaque site de rencontres, et même les clients des sites honnêtes sont mis à profit. Notre site est aussi attaqué par des escrocs, si nous considérons qu'il est de notre responsabilité de laisser nos clients savent ne pas être pris comme un poisson dans un filet "escroquer" DON'T BECOME A VICTIM OF SCAMMERS!
The final goal of scammers is to get as much money as possible out of your pocket. That's why, they will make up all kinds of "fairy tales" and play their sweet music on the vulnerable strings of your soul just to make you believe their feelings and words are sincere.
I love you my dear
Scammers are usually the ones, who write you first. They start their conversation with a standard phrase, "I would like to know you better" and in the twinkling of an eye you will be told how much she is crasy about you. In her second or third letter you will hear how strongly she is in love with you, which is absurd - I LOVE YOU is something that a person doesn't say in his\her second or third letter to a person , who she\he has never met. You are on a cloud #9, and next thing you do is - you are sending your loving lady some cash via western union.
She is so sick
"My grandmother is in hospital. I cry every day, because her life might end up any minute, and medicine is so expensive. I have no money to buy it. What will I do, if she passes away? She is everything I have in this world. When I was 10, my mother died and my grandma was the only one, who brought me up." Familiar story? Ah? No doubt, you will be sending her money to save her grandmother's life. Similar tricks about sick relatives! Watch out! My computer is broken
You have been corresponding with her for a while, then she disappears and doesn't answer your letters. What happened, you wonder! Don't worry, her computer is just broken and it needs to be fixed, or because it was so old, she would throw in the air a hint about buying her a new one. There she comes to the the western union office with a transaction number from you.
I can't finish my university
A scammer can tell you a story, that for some reason she is out of money and can't continue her education further. She may lead you to the point when you agree to pay for her English\German\French course - you really want her to speak your language. If she doesn't understand your letters and asks money for a translator, it is probably the last thing to do, as there are so many free translation programs online, of course, if she knows how to use them and if she is on friendly terms with the computer and the Internet.
I need a visa and tickets to visit you
You are at the airport , standing at the arrivals, nervous, exciting and anxious to meet your Russian lady. The plane, she is supposed to be on, landed a few minutes ago. You are trying to catch her among the passengers who begin to come out and... you don't see her. We can only guess the scenario of your further actions. You will probably never hear about this lady, who you sent a couple of thousand $,EU for visa and the plane tickets. Now you understand what you should never do. A very common method of writing letters, that scammers use is they don't answer your questions. They keep asking theirs and keep writing their long letters about themselves. You have a feeling that your questions are simply ignored. These are just the typical stories that may vary. 8 men out of 10 become targets of scammers.
So verify, verify, verify all information between you and a lady. We screen the ladies before their profiles get to the site, although you might also help us to fight the scammers. Send us a report proving that a lady is a scammer, and her page will be removed from the site, and her name will be put on the black list. Thank you for your cooperation. NEVER SEND MONEY! Until you meet a lady in person, until you are 100% sure she is real, until you have no doubt about her and her true attitude. To make a long story short and make you smile a little bit about how ridiculous the situations with the scammers might get, we're giving you a quotation from a "squeezing a tear out" letter written by a scammer. "Dear... I am sitting here alone, thinking of you. I am typing you a letter with a lighted candle on my table, because there is no electricity." :)